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Are you a teacher and your classroom or just one of your students is a little out of control? Are you pulling your hair out trying to get your classroom under control. Or maybe it’s just that one kid who is having a hard time following instructions. There are options out there for you. One of the options that you probably heard about wasn’t ABA. Maybe you would like to implement ABA Behavior Programs and  ABA Behavior Management Strategies into your classroom, but you have heard that this type of program is very intensive and time consuming and takes years to master. The results are amazing but with 10-1 ratios in preschool and way more then that in elementary schools you just don’t have time to do a traditional ABA behavior program. Maybe there is a way to do preschool and kindergarten classroom guidance lessons without spending all that time on one kid.

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This is where Mr Tom comes in. Mr. Tom Board Certified (BCaBA) and License Therapist. He has been working on with children who have behavior issues since 2010. After seeing how impossible it is for teachers to do ABA behavior interventions in their classroom he decided to break down his lessons to smaller and fun pieces. Our modified ABA Behavior Programs allow teachers who do not have enough time to do a traditional 1-1 program but want to help teach their students using scientifically tested and proven. Mr. Tom believes in using positive strategies to help support children so they make good choices. There is no such thing as a bad kid, they just sometimes make bad choices. Its these choices that Mr Tom’s ABA Lessons work to improve on.

ABA Behavior Interventions and ABA Behavior Programs

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Through games and short videos followed by discussion children begin to discover new ways to think and act in response to their challenges. There is even a loving Greyhound named Rusty, who is learning how to make good choices just like your students. Though not all activities include Rusty children will soon realize that Rusty has some of their same challenges and leads them on a path to games and adventures around every corner. With Mr. Tom’s guidance, Rusty uses appropriate strategies to develop life skills and so will your students. 

Examples of strategies used in his lessons include but are not limited to –
Behavior Stories

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