The Importance of Behavior Games

Teaching children about behavior doesn’t have to be boring, tiresome, and repetitive. Why not make the topic of behavior into a game that your students can interact with?

We all learn best by doing, and it’s no different when it comes to learning about the best ways to behave at school, with friends, and towards learning.

Once the children in your class have experienced some of Rusty’s most valuable lessons in behavior, it’s time to cement that learning by having some fun with it!

Creating a well-behaved classroom

Waiting Behavior Game

Being well-behaved can be tough – after all, children can feel overwhelmed with exciting activities, friends, and a whole load of new and intense emotions. Rusty gets it. He’s demonstrated undesirable behavior at school just like the rest of us! But the most important thing is that he’s learnt from his experience.

Rusty is always open to taking difficult experiences as an opportunity to learn – whether he’s finding it hard to be quiet, difficult to share, or reluctant to wait patiently, he is always listening to the important lessons that his teacher has to share with him about good behavior and the importance of behaving properly at school.

When we behave well, we help to create an environment that everyone can enjoy being in!

Making behavior fun

spring bingo

Rote learning is dull, for everyone. When we drill certain behavioral concepts we make the experience monotonous which means that children are less likely to learn.

Our behavior games review good choices and not-so-good choices in a way that your students can interact with. Each game covers a particular topic, such as:

  • Following directions
  • Using an inside voice
  • Being a good sport
  • Teamwork

With more topics being added to the collection in the future!

We then provide you with a turn-taking game to help children understand what a good behavior is at the same time aslearning how to wait for their turn and follow instructions – what could be better in the classroom than a game that is fun and educational?!

Take a look at our ‘Boom Cards’ for an interactive way to bring some of the most important lessons into your classroom.

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