Northwest Arkansas Teach Music Conference to be held at U of A

University of Arkansas:

The Department of Music and the UARK Collegiate Chapter of the National Association for Music Education are excited to host the 2021 Northwest Arkansas Teach Music Conference on April 16-17. This event will focus on music education approaches that promote inclusive music classrooms for students with special needs….

Saturday starts with a workshop on “Teaching Students with Autism in the Music Classroom” with Alice Hammel, visiting professor of music at the U of A. Hammel is a known pedagogue in music education and a respected author and advocate for children with special needs. Hammel is the co-author of two texts: Teaching Music to Students with Special Needs: A Label-free Approach and Winding It Back: Teaching to Individuals Differences in Music Classroom and Ensemble Settings. Her residency also coincides with additional talks in the Department of Music as well as a special topics course in music education.

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