Embarrassed that your child refuses to say “thank you?”

If you ask any child what their favorite part of the holidays are they will say opening presents.   Who does not like to get gifts?  However, do you as a parent ever feel embarrassed when your child does not say “thank you” for a gift or, worst, seem upset with a gift they received? This is a normal reaction for many parents. But what can you do about it? 

Sometimes kids will only need a couple of prompts, and they will learn to say “thank you,” but what if your kids are like mine. They only get upset when you prompt them to say thank you for the gifts they received. In this case, you might need an extra little bit of prompting. 

The Adventures of Rusty the Greyhound Behavior Stories can be that little extra your child needs. In Rusty Learns to say, “thank you.”  Rusty celebrates Christmas with family.  He loves to get his gifts but does not say “thank you.”  When he gives his family their gifts no one says, “thank you.”  Rusty is upset and worries that his family does not like their gifts.  Rusty’s Dad explains to him that this is how they felt when he did not say “thank you” for their gifts.  People do not know if you like the gift and it is makes them feel sad.  Rusty then says “thank you” to everyone he gets a gift from, even Santa.

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