Turn Taking Games, Early Intervention Autism Students

Early Intervention Autism Students

Following Instructions for Turn Taking Games, Early Intervention Autism

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When you are working with early intervention autism students or early learners taking turns can be a challenge for them. They want to keep spinning or moving their pieces and not sharing the game pieces with the other kids who they are playing with. This is where you need a lot of practice and modeling to help show your students how to correctly play the games and for following instructions.

Early Intervention Autism

Practice and Model Turn Taking Games

How do you get to practice and model the correct way to play turn taking games? You have to starts by showing your students everything that is involved in playing the game. What the pieces are, how they move, how to take their turn. You then have to let them take turns and help them move their piece to the correct spot. Once their turn is over, have them hand the spinner to the other person. The final step and most important step is to give the students lots of praise and to help make it FUN to play the games and take turns. 

Following Instructions for Turn Taking Games, Early Intervention Autism

When Covid-19 started, Mr. Toms ABA Lessons developed their turn taking games for teletherapy. The great thing about their games is that they can also be printed and laminated to play in person. All that you need to do is laminate them to protect them and then get a spinner or dice. Have the kids move based on what comes up on their turn.

Try Our Turn Taking Games

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