“first this, then that” a key phrase to creating Positive School Behaviors

Positive School Behaviors and Managing Preschool Behavior

Positive School Behaviors following instructions Words of Encouragement For Kids Praising Children Is Good

In my first post I talked about the “The Power Or Words Of Encouragement For Kids For Following Instructions“. In that post I talked about giving your child a paycheck for following instructions and the rules. But when should you give them this paycheck? One of the easiest ways would be to use “first this, then that” statements. First we do this, then we do that. The “that” will always be the reward or paycheck. For example: “First we need to clean up, then we can go get ice cream.”  As long as you don’t let him/her get the ice cream without cleaning up, and they want ice cream, it will be a great motivator to clean up. First this then that is a key phrase to helping with Positive School Behaviors!

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