ABA Behavior Lessons are a great way for Managing Preschool Behavior Easier

Managing Preschool Behavior

ABA Behavior Lessons are a great way for Managing Preschool Behavior Easier

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In the classrooms I have worked in, some kids can make it hard for the rest of the class to learn. These kids are very disruptive and always require the teacher’s attention. But starting an ABA behavior programs for 1 kid can be very hard and time-consuming. 

When Covid-19 started, Mr. Tom created teletherapy behavior lessons. These were made for one child but could easily be used for the entire classroom. Using different ABA strategies and breaking them down into smaller parts and managing preschool behavior just got easier!

Our ABA based Behavior lessons

From The teamwork lesson

Teamwork ABA Behavior Lesson: 

“Our word for this week is Teamwork. Teamwork means people are working together to get a job done. It happens all day. You are part of a team right now but I don’t see your uniforms. What makes you part of a team right now? In this lesson we are going to learn about teamwork, why it is important, and that it happens all during the day.” This is not always an easy concept for kids to get. Sometimes I just want to do it myself. This lesson includes the video model, behavior story, worksheets for a roll playing activity and a fun class activity.

Each days lesson is about 15 minutes. Somedays might be longer or shorter depending on how many students are in your class and quickly they can answer the questions or complete the activities.

Learning about how to make better choices is not always fun or engaging. So Mr. Tom tried to change that. In our lessons, you will learn about a fictional character named Rusty the Greyhound and his best friend Polar the cat. Mr. Tom, decided to use his pet’s Rusty and Polar as characters since they are lovable, cute and fun.

If this is the first time you are introducing our fictional character Rusty the Greyhound to your class, please download our FREE behavior story on how Rusty introduced himself to his class. This behavior story will introduce your class to Rusty the Greyhound and his best friend, Polar, the cat. It would help if you did this before you start teaching the lesson. Rusty, the Greyhound, needed extra help with things that are difficult for him. With behavior videos, behavior stories, games, and activities, he learns to overcome his difficulties. Your students can learn with Rusty by watching some of the struggles that Rusty went through and apply those struggles to their own experiences. Making good choices isn’t always easy, but with Rusty’s help, we can do it!


Whats Included

Each day has any teacher prep that is needed, the objective, and assessment. Everything you need is included in the package: Link to the Video, The behavior Story, Worksheets, activity, reward system, and the lesson plan with teacher comments and questions. 


This week’s topic Is Teamwork. 

Monday, we watch and talk about a video that is about teamwork. This video models the behaviors that we are working on in a fun way for the students. 

Tuesday, we read a story that is from the Adventures of Rusty the Greyhound behavior stories. In these stories, the students can see if Rusty uses the behavior strategies he learned from the video or what he needs to do to make better choices. 

Wednesday will be playing a game where the kids have to work together to win. 

Thursday is a fun activity that will help show them what happens when everyone works together. 

Friday is a review of the lesson and the rewards that the students can earn during the week. The rewards will be an “I was caught ….” dog bones, which students will receive throughout the week. They can then feed the bone to Rusty the Greyhound. On Friday, the students can take their bones home to show their families all of the good choices they made. Lastly, after completing the weekly concept, there is a class completion certificate that gets awarded. Rusty’s certificates are something a little different from the usual piece of paper certificates. Rusty’s certificate for each weekly group of lessons completed is a “Dog Bone” printed with the concept’s name. There are different fun ways to display the bones in the lesson. 

Free YouTube Kids account is required.


What my customers are saying

As a stressed teacher who doesn’t have enough time in the day, I really appreciate how comprehensive and easy it is to locate and use the resources.  And you have a lot of great resources!  …. You really covered all the bases with this lesson.  Amy C, from PA

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