Preschool Behavior Chart

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In my previous post “The Power Of Words Of Encouragement For Kids For Following Instructions,” I talked about how important it is to give students a “paycheck” for making good choices. Kids don’t need to get paid in money as their paycheck. They can get paid in multiple other ways. Some of the ways to give them their reward are 

  • Spending extra time with their parents or teacher
  • Verbal praise and high fives
  • Picking a toy out from a treasure box
  • Extra time watching TV
  • A favorite snack

This is only a concise list, but the options are almost unlimited, depending on what motivates the student. 

See our Behavior Charts

Following Instructions

But what happens if you need to give very frequent rewards for sitting at circle? You can’t let them pick a toy out of the treasure chest every minute. They will constantly be getting up and distracting everyone else at circle time. So how do you get them to start following instructions for your circle time preschool activities? 

preschool behavior chart

A personalized preschool behavior chart will solve that problem for you. These charts have a total of 5 stars or items that they need to earn. Once they get all 5, your student will have earned their reward. This reward will then be, for example, picking out a reward from the toy chest. Depending on what your student needs to help them follow instructions, there are different ways to use the behavior chart. One way would help them complete your circle time preschool activities by giving them a start on the chart after each activity they successfully try. Especially at the beginning, we reward the attempt even if it is not correct. Once they know how to do it, then we reward successfully doing the activity. 

preschool behavior management chart can also help by giving small rewards for attending to circle time for a short amount of time. If they attend for 30 seconds, they earn a star. Once they get their 5 stars, they get a reward, snack, access to a toy for a minute….) 

After they earned the reward we start the process over again. Once they get all of the starts again, they earn another reward. 

See our Behavior Charts

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