Using boom cards to learn classroom behavior

Using boom cards to learn classroom behavior

Welcome to Mr. Tom’s boom cards!

Boom cards are an easy way to strengthen your students’ understanding of a behavioral concept taught by Rusty.

Whether you’ve been learning about following directions, waiting in line, using inside voices, or staying calm, our boom cards provide an interactive way for your class to have some fun with the behavior story. As Rusty is learning or making good choices in the stories there will be questions to make sure your students are learning as well. 

Boom Cards can be used with or without prior knowledge of Rusty and his experiences at school. After all, the behaviors that our boom cards cover include actions and approaches that we encourage our students to take on a daily basis.

All of our Rusty the Greyhound stories are made into boom cards. Each story focuses on a specific behavior that should be used both inside and outside the classroom. Sometimes Rusty is reminding his friends how to behave, sometimes he is demonstrating exemplary behavior, and other times he’s making mistakes and learning from them. 

Once your students have been introduced to Rusty and the lessons that he learns at school, they’ll have much more fun following in his footsteps to complete an interactive boom card related to the behavior story.

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All of our games are also on Boom Cards. Now your students can learn to play turn-taking games or any of our Behavior Games.

How to use our boom cards

Select the story that you would like your student to work on. If they can read the story themselves, they can start; if not, you will need to read the story to them. 

As they read the story, there will be multiple pages where they must answer multiple-choice questions about what happened on the previous page. If they get the question correct, they move on. If they get it incorrect, they try again. 

By the end of the story, your students will have learned What Rusty did or learned and answered questions to reinforce those behaviors. 

What topics do our boom cards cover?

Our boom cards cover a variety of topics and are always growing. Here are just a few examples of different behaviors that our interactive cards teach:

  • Learning to use an inside voice
  • Waiting for your turn
  • Saying hello to friends
  • Staying calm when sharing
  • Following directions at circle time

Take a look at our library of ‘Boom Cards’ for an interactive way to bring some of the most important lessons into your classroom.

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