The benefits of using reward charts

The benefits of using reward charts

Sometimes it’s nice to have a little treat in recognition for good work. Reward systems provide an easy way for you to encourage good behavior amongst your students.

Once students get used to behaving in a certain way in expectation of a reward, eventually it will become natural and automatic for them to choose more desirable behaviors and responses to situations that they may have previously struggled with.

Reward systems are great and can be a teacher’s best friend in the classroom.

Our reward charts

Reward charts play a crucial part in any ABA behavior-based program – which is why we’ve made sure to include them in our Rusty the Greyhound packages.

Choose from multiple themes and then personalize each reward chart with your student’s name to make them just that little bit more motivating and special.

Here are just a few of the themes that we have available right now for you to choose from:

Each of our reward chart designs can be downloaded separately. Alternatively, you might like to download our bundle to have access to all of the designs.

How to use reward charts

We recommend using our reward charts with tokens – 5 tokens = 1 reward!

You might like to start by offering a reward after 2 tokens to show your students how it works and ensure that everyone gets started with their reward chart nice and quickly.

Tokens can be offered for exemplary (or significantly improved!) behavior, participating in our behavior games, or anything else that you see fit.

Take a look at our ‘Boom Cards’ for an interactive way to bring some of the most important lessons into your classroom and start introducing tokens.

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