Hi Guys!

Rusty the greyhound on a walk

Guess What? I was such a good boy today!  My mommy took me on a mile-long walk (whatever that means).  I am working on being nice to the other dogs in the neighborhood.  Sometimes I forget that they are my friends and bark and lunge at them.  

Today I was an excellent listener.  When mommy and I left the house, we saw two dogs.  My ears went up, and I was ready to bark, but my mommy called me, and I went over to her, and she gave me some cheese!  I love cheese!  She said I was a really good boy for listening.  I was so happy.

Later on, we saw a puppy.  I never saw this dog before.  At first, I barked, but then I decided he was not so bad and let my mommy talk to his daddy.  Maybe someday I will play with him.

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