Our Escape room and version of the Floor is Lava is finally here!

Our Escape Room and the Floor Is Lava Snow, no Floor Is Lava A Wave is finally here!

Escape Rooms and the TV show The Floor Is Lava have been all the rage for years now. We used these concepts to turn our behavior stories into a fun way to see how much of the information from the stories your students retained. While you don’t have to read the story to play the game, it might help your students understand why you should handle the situation, as Rusty learned to do.

Our first two stories with our new Behavior Games are Greetings: Saying Hello to Friends behavior story in the Adventures of Rusty the Greyhound Behavior Stories series and  Rusty Stops Eloping and asks for a break behavior story in the Adventures of Rusty the Greyhound Behavior Stories series. 

Help Rusty the Greyhound escape from the room!

There are several clues for you to find in the room. When you find them click on the screen in that area to open the next question. Answer the questions to help Rusty escape the room. After every successfully answered question, you get a token. Collect all 4 to escape the room!

Don’t let Rusty the Greyhound get drowned by the wave! 

In the game, Rusty is surfing but there are some big waves. Can you help him from getting drowned in the waves? Each time you get a question correct Rusty can get out of the big waves but each time you get the question incorrect the wave gets bigger!

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