Featured Product: Controlling Anger: Behavior Lesson

Controlling Anger: 15 min. ABA Behavior Lessons Set of 5 Lessons

Controlling Anger: 15 min. ABA Behavior Lessons Set of 5 Lessons

Some emotions feel so big that it can be hard to control them, and this can make us angry. Rusty has learned an important 3-step process to being calm when he feels angry – after all, being angry only makes everybody more upset! If your students struggle to stay calm in difficult situations, this behavior lesson about controlling anger is for you. Getting angry is OK, how you deal with that anger is what matters. The daily lessons will take you through a step-by-step week-long lesson to engage your students with controlling their anger, including a 3-step process that’s sure to become a pillar of your classroom. Click here to get the lesson!

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